By Rodney Morley on Monday, January 30th, 2017 in Auctions.

Top seven tips for 2017 on how to maximize results and achieve the best possible price for your property.

Rodney Morley of Rodney Morley real estate with a reputation of 40 years as auctioneer provides an editorial insight!

Auctions in Australia are gaining more and more attention as a way of selling property. The real estate agency that you choose will recommend an auctioneer that they usually work with. Knowing who the auctioneer is and what they believe would best be suited to your property is vital. Here are a few quick tips that may assist you in deciding on the real estate agent and the auctioneer that will best represent you and will sell your property.

1. Knowledge – We don’t need to tell you, but without a doubt your most valuable asset and the one that would be most cherished is your home. With this in mind your auctioneer needs to have experience and knowledge in order to be able to conduct the auction with the best possible results for you.

Property in particular in Australia being of such high interest, is a highly intricate and hands-on profession. When you’re looking at your auctioneer and who you think may best be suited for your property have a look behind the scenes. Google and check what community involvement to they have, what organisations they represent, what interaction do they have on a day-to-day basis and of course how much experience they have.

From my perspective I make it my business to speak to people across the board. I try and understand what’s happening with in the industry and outside of it. I take a look at economic variances on a daily basis. Not just within Caulfield and Toorak where we specialise, but of course with in Melbourne, further afield in Victoria and of course nationally and internationally. Knowledge of the the industry and taking these many factors into account is important as is the professional knowledge of the Auctioneer.

2. Compare and contrast. – The world is your oyster, and certainly when it comes to comparing and contrasting everything today is transparent. When it comes to your particular listings potential and the area that you’re in, take a look online and see which auctioneer is where on what date and what time. It is advisable to map it out follow autions for two or three even weekends to really take a look at not just what people write about auctioneers online but what you think of them in person.

When you are there make notes on your phone and take photographs of each particular auctioneer that you are reviewing. Ask yourself, what is the style of the auctioneer? Have a look at the rapport with bidders and potential buyers. Look at their particular signature and how they interact. Get an idea of how much emphasis each auctioneer places the serious part of the proceedings with a bit of light humour to ease people nerves. Their role is to make your property come to life. There is a fine line between very serious moments and a moment or two of lightness to allow bidders to recoup for the next round of bids is experience. Will the auctioneer you choose understand you, what you’re after and the property you’re about to list best at the auction.

3. Word-of-mouth, online reviews- community – it really does not take that long for you to get an idea of the reputation of each and every auctioneer you may be interested in your area.. This means not just speaking to people in person it also means reviewing online. When attending auctions yourself ask people around you in a very casual manner whatthey think of this particular auctioneer and their opinion. You’ll find nothing more direct nothing more honest and nothing more enlightening then crosschecking online reviews with word-of-mouth real time. Before too long to get an extremely good and strong picture of what and whowill best work for you.

4. What is the record of the auctioneer in achieving about the reserve price? Have a look at the record for yourself by attending auctions. Also take a look online at the price achieved. L ook at what went under the hammer also any negotiation that took place pretty quickly after to achieve a good sale. Take a look as far back as you can. Additionally, simply ask the auctioneer what their record is. Look for consistency look for trust reputation and respect and knowledge these are the things that make up ultimately the results at purchase of a property.

5. How well is the auctioneer known? Truth is with the advent of online and websites, blogs such as this on property and all other forms of instant information – auctioneers have always had a reputation of community interest. What this actually means is that buyers are also attracted by particular auctioneers… it is part of how property is in 2017. More than ever, an added bonus is buyers and sellers wanting to know more and more about the auctioneer that is presenting your property. This creates a buzz. Quite honestly the auctioneer and real estate agent that you choose adds a certain quality to the property and that all adds up to one thing, the potential to attract more serious bidders and obviously the potential of your property going at auction at a price above reserve and more.

6. Who do you want to represent you? There is a signature, there is a style, there is a way auctioneers operate and that is also very personal. Ultimately this is your choice , this is your decision and this is something I would highly encourage you to look at. It does come down to personality, trust, knowledge, respect what other people say a, write and review it all adds up. But your comfort zone ultimately is crucial.

7. Go with your gut instinct! With all the things that we’ve covered in this quick short sharp express blog the thing that remained ultimately important is weighing up reputation, knowledge, how you want to be represented, word-of-mouth, online reviews, trust, what people say at auctions, how people react et cetera –
Ultimately it comes down to taking all of that into account, referencing that against all the different options that you been exposed to, heard about and take time out to understand that it’s a feeling and it comes down to you. That comes down to comfort and to feeling that you can place this decision with a company and ultimately auctioneer that really does know what they’re doing and is best for your property.

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