By Rodney Morley on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 in Real Estate Agent.

Choosing the right real estate agent for you, is a process of comparison, contrast, listening to other peoples’ experience, and also one- on- one individual meetings.

Property is the cornerstone of the Australian dream. Your decision to sell or buy can be fueled by many reasons. You could be a first home buyer. You could be buying to up-size. You could be downsizing and changing your lifestyle. Your decision is based on a combination of personal and investment factors.
The question is, who should be representing you? Who do you trust to apply best endeavours get you the best possible price for your real estate? Let’s take a look at these top tips.

Here are the 7 top tips

1. Experience locally
A lot of agencies promote the fact that they have a grip on their local area, and indeed the entire state, even nationally. That’s fantastic for branding, but what does that branding really mean to you?

Ultimately, it’s you as a consumer who are either contracting a service or buying a property that is affected by the niche knowledge of the real estate agent you are working with.
It makes sense to choose an agent within the local area because a sound understanding of the local market is essential to selling a property. It allows invaluable insights into the demographics of the specific area.

2. Sales, Sales, Sales
When it comes to Rodney Morley real estate, we encourage you to request information about our sales records. It’s one thing to have a large number of properties in your portfolio, but how boutique or personalized can that be? Your property will be taken far more care of by an experienced real estate agent with history, a reputation of trust, efficiency and availability.

3. How long does your Real Estate Agent open for inspection
If you’ve started attending inspections you would know that you feel like you’re being shuffled out with a created sense of urgency, which is completely obvious. It’s called hard sales tactics.
At Rodney Morley real estate, we believe that longer open for inspection times enable people to view, digest, and ask questions, in a civilized and professional manner.
Check when the agents conduct opens, most agents do not open for inspections on Sundays at all. At Rodney Morley, we’re open for business when there is business to be done. Specifically on a Sunday – we find that the flow through open homes, is higher and is more likely to attract serious buyers. We are also open for inspections more than most

4. Agent turnover of property
It is important to have a look, as we do at Rodney Morley real estate, not just at the property itself, but how quickly can we react to the market place.
Again, take a look at any patterns that arise in the properties that a real estate agent has handled.

5. Open Inspections tell a story
When it comes to property look up your potential agents open for inspections, and take a little impromptu visit. Technique, attitude, service, and follow through, interfacing, politeness – it all comes down to how your property will be represented.

6. Take note of how they welcome people and talk to them.
Are they polite and helpful or detached and indifferent? This is important because it will be the first impression a potential buyer gets of the house.
Be clear about how you want your real estate agent to run the show.
Before you make the calls, determine what kind of client you want to be and relay that to the agent to see if they’re able to work with your request.
For example, if you want to be kept updated at every step along the way, let them know that. On the other hand, you may wish to have as little to do with the selling process as possible and don’t need the agent to run you past all the details.

7. Ask the real estate agent about their strategy on getting the best price for your property
Don’t be afraid to ask them questions about their selling technique. Will they auction the property or sell it by private treaty? Will there be expressions of interest? How often will they conduct open inspections?

8.Trying to sell your home by yourself
Trying to sell your house without an agent, is like trying to drive a car without a license, as much as you think you know it all.
You need the research, opinions and advice of a professional to really maximize the sales potential of your home. Without it, you could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in profit.

9. Incorrectly pricing your property
one of the worst things you can do is overprice your home when selling. This drives all interest towards your property, and will make the sale stagnant.
Keep in mind that you want to create competition as well as amongst buyers in your market.

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